PassThruScope is an advanced bus protocol communication analyzer. PassThruScope offers industry leading innovations in data comparison, giving you the ability to review logs in cutting edge ways. PassThruScope also has features to watch live data and to highlight the small byte changes in common messages to better isolate the changes in traffic that you are seeking to identify. Simultaneously connect to multiple channels across one or more physical J2534 hardware pass-thru devices and log the data together with time-stamp synced format interlaced, or separated in individual windows. PassThruScope is very intuitive and simple to use. PassThruScope supports multiple interfaces, channels, protocols & pin combinations.

Standard Features:

· Log 2 channels simultaneously

· Single message send

· 1 hardware interface

Professional Features:

· Log 4 channels simultaneously
· Batch message send
· 2 hardware interfaces
· Full use of comparison features

· ISO 9141
· ISO 14230
· J1850 VPW
· J1850 PWM

· Vehicle bus protocol message capture

· Multi-channel data logging

· Load, save, and compare data logs

· Monitor specific CAN IDs (11-bit & 29-bit)

· Watch source & destination addresses

· Unlimited message filters with mask/pattern

· Full support for both Pass & Block filters

· Filter on header or data bytes

· Filter on message direction (i.e. TX, RX, or Any)

· Filter on bus protocol (i.e. CAN, J1850, Any, etc.)

· Identify & define custom message labels

· Record multiple data logs and compare message differences

· Easily identify common and unique messages

· Transmit custom bus messages on any channel

· Create lists of custom messages

· Automatically send messages at a custom interval

· Interleave multiple messages with custom offsets

· Group multiple batches of messages into one transmission

· Advanced message tracing

· Monitor message changes in real-time

· Highlight changed data bytes / nibbles

· Count message transmissions per CAN ID

· Combine several channels into a single view

· Linear analysis of bus data

· Microsecond timestamps with time delta

· Analyze message header & data bytes

· ASCII breakdown of message data

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